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ProgrammesDhruva believes in flexibility and KAIZEN in its curriculum.​



Dhruva curriculum offers a healthy mixture of core courses aimed at fundamental understanding of general management theories and techniques, electives which target specific skill development in-line with the industry requirements, and a three-month Summer Internship Project(SIP) with reputed companies to offer exposure to real time management. Electives-major minor are offered Trimester III through VI.

At the end of each Trimester is a comprehensive viva-voce. The curriculum also offers Foreign Language,English Language Proficiency,Soft Skills Etiquette Training, Personality Development etc. as audit courses. Students are encouraged to take part in Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular activities like Management Functional Clubs, Toast Masters Club, Meet-the-Manager, Adult Literacy, NGO assistance, Blood donation, Littre removal, Traffic Safety, 5K Run for promoting "Voting/Health, Poverty Eradication, Women's Empowerment" etc that are in tune with Dhruva ethos and which will be a value addition to the resume of individual student.

Dhruva continuously endeavors to laisce with industry and has gone on record by offering free space to industries for setting up their sub-urban centers on its state-of-the-art campus.This its supposed will go a long way in promoting "Industry-Institution-Interface". Dhruva believes in flexibility and KAIZEN in its curriculum.​


Students shall be intern in an industry/organisation in India or abroad during summer(between the 3rd and 4th trimesters) for a period of 3 months. Usually companies visiting Dhruva for campus placements offer internship opportunities.

This apart,alumni and other friends across the globe help find internship avenues.Students would be under the guidance of a faculty member along with a company functional head. A student is expected to submit a detailed report .On its approval both by the concerned faculty and company guide ,a student has to takeviva-voce before a panel of experts representing industry and academia.

List of core courses and electives

  • Trimester I

    Principles of Management

    Managerial Economics

    Business Statistics

    Financial Accounting

    Marketing Management – I

    Business Communication Skills

    Comprehensive Viva Voce

  • Trimester II

    Organizational Behavior

    Human Resources Management

    Corporate Financial Management

    Operations Management

    Marketing Management – II

    Business Environment

    Comprehensive Viva Voce

  • Trimester III

    Global Business Management

    Business Research Methodology

    Cost and Management Accounting

    Financial Risk Management (Finance)

    Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management (Finance)

    Sales and Distribution Management (Marketing)

    Consumer Behavior (Marketing)

    Recruitment and Selection (HRM)

    Compensation and Performance Management (HRM)

    Human Engineering (Production)

    Productivity and Quality Management (Production)

    Multivariate Data Analysis (Business Analytics)

    Advance Data Analysis (Business Analytics)

    Comprehensive Viva Voce

  • Trimester IV

    Business Law and Regulation

    Personal Financial Planning

    Operations Research

    International Financial Management (Finance)

    Financial Institutions, Markets and Services (Finance)

    Product and Brand Management (Marketing)

    Services Marketing (Marketing)

    Training and Development (HRM)

    Talent Management (HRM)

    Production Planning and Control (Production)

    Maintenance Management (Production)

    Principles of Data Mining (Business Analytics)

    Data Mining with Rattle and R (Business Analytics)

    Comprehensive Viva Voce

  • Trimester V

    Management Information Systems

    Strategic Management

    Corporate Restructuring (Finance)

    Investment Banking (Finance)

    Integrated Marketing Communication (Marketing)

    Retail Management (Marketing)

    Industrial Relations and Labor Regulations (HRM)

    Change Management and Organizational Development (HRM)

    Logistics Management (Production)

    Lean Manufacturing and JIT (Production)

    Big Data and Mining Massive Data Sets (Business Analytics)

    Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop (Business Analytics)

    Comprehensive Viva Voce

  • Trimester VI

    Corporate Governance

    Foreign Language

    Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Foreign Trade

    Summer Internship Evaluation

    Comprehensive Viva Voce

Audit Courses

Foreign Language

English Language Proficiency

Soft Skills Training

Personality Development

Etiquette & grooming

Excel for Financial Modeling



Instruction and Evaluation

Teaching-Learning process includes case analyses, role plays, individual and group exercises, assignments,demonstrations through video/audio/animation and lectures.

Evaluation encapsulates class participation, mid-term and end-term examination .Individual faculty has academic freedom to design his own methodology. Final scores are scaled to CGPA and less than 3 earns detention.